Q: Is a free-to-use service?

A: We absolutely are! provides consumers with the most direct link to ready-to-deal retailers. And there is absolutely NO CHARGE for consumers to link up with retailers. Retailers, on the other hand, will pay a fee in order to be allowed to see requests from consumers.

Q: Why is the mileage different from my requested radius?

A: Simple. It is because we don’t ask consumers for too many pieces of personal information. Let us explain. The only piece of information that is needed, and shared with dealers, is the ZIP CODE from where you will be starting from (just in case you are not at home when you send a request). We take the center of the given zip code and take it to the center of the dealer’s zip code. That being said, if you are on the far end of your zip code and the dealer from where you accepted an offer is on the far side of their zip code, you could have a few more miles on trip than you set out for.

Q: What if I haven’t heard back from a Dealership?

A: Hang on for a bit longer. If a request is made during normal business hours, It shouldn’t take that long. If the request was made after normal business hours, then you should most likely see the bulk of the offer action the following morning. Also, as we continue to gather dealerships on the portal the faster things will get done for you! So next time you are in your local dealer, ask them if they are an dealer yet.

Q: Does receive any money from purchases by the consumer in use of this system?

A: No way no how! All does is have a portal open to connect both the consumer and retailer together. We will send out a survey, for dealership ratings, to any consumer that ACCEPTS an offer will have the opportunity to rate the service of the dealership and give them their reliability rating. At that time, and only at that time, will we know that a vehicle was sold to a consumer using our portal.

Q: How is different from other online Internet vehicle pricing services?

A: is the only service at this time that gives REAL TIME prices to consumers directly from the most willing-to-deal dealerships. Most of all of the other online Internet pricing services use a prearranged price on a vehicle make/model, with the dealerships updating prices they are willing to accept ONLY on occasion. We submit to you, that when you walk in to a dealership that in almost every instance, the price you receive from a dealer using our portal will be lower than any other services’ prices.

Q: How come you don’t have more help questions and answers?

A: Well, to be honest, we think that we made so accommodating to consumers that there shouldn’t be too much left to figure out. But if the occasion occurs that there is something that you believe we have missed. Please feel free to submit a question to and we will review it and help you get the answer that best fits your question.